• Stainless steel pharmaceutical reactor tank

    Stainless steel pharmaceutical reactor tank used to perform a chemical reaction, distillation, crystallization, mixing, and isolation of materials etc. in ,food ,sea water ,waste water ,API manufacturing facility, chemical industry, etc.


    Stainless steel pharmaceutical reactor tank is specially designed equipment with agitator and gearbox with flameproof electrical motor. Agitator is used for proper mixing, eddy formation, Vortex formation as per requirement. Agitator types are decided based on process requirement.

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  • High efficient condensed milk vacuum falling fi...

    Range of application

    Suitable for evaporation concentration is lower than the saturation density of salt material, and heat sensitive, viscosity, foaming, concentration is low, liquidity good sauce class material. Especially suitable for milk, glucose, starch, xylose, pharmaceutical, chemical and biological engineering, environmental engineering, waste liquid recycling etc for evaporation and concentration, low temperature continuous has high heat transfer efficiency, shorter time for heating the material, etc main features.

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  • extraction and concentration unit

    Ultrasonic pharmaceutical extraction equipment is using ultrasound had mechanical effect, cavitation effect and heat effect, by increasing medium molecular movement speed, increasing the penetration of the medium to extract effective components from raw materials.

    Our advanced multi-function extraction and concentration recycling pilot test equipment, especially suitable for scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, factory pilot test room use, or precious medicine extraction and concentration, or plant fresh products low-temperature extraction and concentration, it has been successfully used in the factory.

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  • Stainless steel High Efficient herb continuous ...

    Vacuum belt dryer is a continuous infeed and discharge vacuum drying equipment. Liquid product is conveyed into dryer body by infeed pump, evenly spread on belts by distribution device. Under high vacuum, the boiling point of the liquid is lowered; water in the liquid material is evaporated. Belts move on the heating plates evenly. Steam, hot water, hot oil can be used as heating media. With the moving of the belts, the product goes through from the beginning evaporating, drying, cooling to discharging in the end. The temperature decreases through this process, and can be adjusted for different products. Special vacuum crusher is equipped at the discharge end to produce different size end product. The dry powder or granule product can be automatically packed or continue with subsequent process.

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  • automatic Plate Pasteurizer UHT Fresh Milk Ster...

    The Raw material under the condition of continuous flow through the heat exchange heating to 85 ~ 150 ℃(The temperature is adjustable). And at this temperature, keep a certain amount of time (several seconds) in order to achieve commercial asepsis level. And then in the condition of sterile environment, it is filled in aseptic packaging container.The whole sterilization process is completed in a moment under high temperature, which will completely kill the microorganisms and spores which can cause corruption and deterioration. And as a result, the original flavor and nutrition of the food were greatly preserved. This strict processing technology effectively prevents the secondary contamination of food and greatly extends the shelf life of products.

    We can manufacture and customize the Plate sterilizer according to the process and the requirement from customer with capacity from 50L to 50000L/hour.

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Extraction and concentration system


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